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My iBooks Collection
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Friday, July 1, 2016

Yo Hablo Español Ahora :)

I just started learning Spanish this month and I'm so proud of my progress. 

Such a fast learner, yes I am. 

I just had to self acknowledge this because I know a lot of people here must have known this language before I did. 

But for a month as a newbie? .. And now I have a community of Spanish native speakers around the world talking to me and helping me with those damn conjunctions? I'm proud. ... 

I'm just not so proud about the progress of my thesis revisions. CURSES!!!!! 


Blooper: to add to my learning progress, I think I just asked somebody how many buttholes he has! LOL

How can I forget using Ñ when that letter is an integral part of my family name?? 😂

Anos = butthole

Años = year



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