My iBooks Collection

My iBooks Collection
My iBooks Collection: Some of my favorite books!

Random 2014 Photos #WalkMyWorld

With my grad school classmates during our Compre Exams review meet ups

Masters in Learning and Teaching

Scholarships Recognition 2014

A retreat for being thankful of all the blessings.

In Memory of my Baby Cholo :(

w/ other financial aid faculty advisers

The Lasallian delegates for the Philippine Scholar's Summit

My birthday Photo with our OIC President/Chancellor (and with the giant Christmas tree)

More fun in the Philippines!

Enjoying the Beauty of God's Creation

Me with the delegates for the Philippine Scholar's Summit

ASEAN Integration Philippine Scholars Summit

Institutional Christmas Party

Distributing our shirts!

I can feel the LOVE! <3

Lasallian Scholar's Society Team Building

General Assembly of the Lasallian Scholar's Society. I am so proud of them!


General Assembly with Lasallian Scholar's Society <3 

Meeting with PEMEA Board Members
(Philippine Educational Measurement and Evaluation Association)

Paper Presentation during PARSSU's 1st International Conference 2014
(Philippine Association of Researchers and Statistical Software Users)

Advertising our Lasallian Scholar Shirts

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