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My iBooks Collection
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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Lasallian Scholars Society. Taking you to greater heights.

The Lasallian Scholars Society's Year-End Event!!!!!!!!! Yey!! So much to look forward to in this activity that we've all been preparing for. So proud! We're culminating the first year of the student organization for Lasallian Scholars! I'm so proud of my kids!!

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Ken Robinson on Flourishing

From Schools killing creativity to your company preventing you to find your passion. Ken Robinson has done it again sharing his words of wisdom.

Ken Robinson on Flourishing

"The idea of finding your passion can be overwhelming, and the process of getting there can be exhausting as you try to sort through just what that “thing” is. But here’s something to consider: You’re not the only thing standing in your way. In fact, your education, your community, or your office might be to blame.
In the thought-provoking video below, Ken Robinson points to an inherent issue that many professionals have to overcome: Your company may be inadvertently preventing you from flourishing." - Read this from:

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Who's who in twitter re: Educational Technology

Terry Anderson
Professor in Distance Education at Athabasca University (CA)
Topics: Digital Scholarship, Open Education, Educational Technology, Learning Networks, MOOCs

Tony Bates
Consultant in E-Learning and Distance Education (CA)
Topics: Instructional Design, Open Access, Open Education, Educational Technology, Strategy and Innovation, E-Books, Open Textbooks

Curtis Bonk
@travelinedman Professor of Instructional Systems Technology in the School of Education at Indiana University (US)
Topics: Open Education, Self-Directed Learning, Motivation, MOOCs, OER, Instructional Design, Global Learning

danah boyd
Scholar at Microsoft Research, Founder of Data & Society Research Center, Fellow at Harvard's Berkman Center (US)
Topics: Social Media, Youth Culture, Internet Culture, Big Data, Social Networ Blog:

Saul Carliner
Professor of Educational Technology at Concordia University (US)
Topics: Workplace Learning, Educational Technology, Instructional Design, Organizational Development

Grainne Conole
Professor of Learning Innovation at School of Education, Bath Spa University (UK)
Topics: Online Learning, Higher Education, Learning Design, OER, Learner Experience, Learning Theories, Methodologies

Alec Couros
Professor of Educational Technology & Media, University of Regina (CA)
Topics: Personal Learning Networks, Personal Learning Environments

Mark Curcher
Director of 21st Century Educators Program, Tampere University of Applied Sciences (FI)
Topics: Teacher Development, Entrepreneurship, EduPunk, Innovation, Educational Technology

Laura Czerniewicz
Director of Center for Educational Technology at University of Cape Town (SA)
Topics: Higher Education, Digital Scholarship, Open Education, Digital Divide, Mobile Learning, OER

Nellie Deutsch
EFL teacher, faculty at Atlantic University (US), founder of Integrating Technology for Active Lifelong Learning (IT4ALL) and Moodle for Teaches (M4T)
Topics: Online Collaborative Learning, Moodle, Teacher Education, EFL, MOOCs, K-12

Aaron Doering
Associate Professor of Learning Technologies / Learning Technologies Media Lab Director at University of Minnesota (US)
Topics: Adventure Learning, Experiental Learning, Design Based Research, Innovative Learning Design, Photography, Multimedia

Stephen Downes
Senior Researcher at National Research Council of Canada (CA)
Topics: Personal Learning Environments, cMOOCs, Connectivism, Sensemaking, Networked Learning, Educational Technology, Higher Education, K-12

Jon Dron
Professor at School of Computing and Information Systems, Athabasca University (CA)
Topics: Digital Scholarship, Open Education, Educational Technology, Learning Networks, MOOCs

Ann Hill Diun
Professor at Department of Writing Studies, University of Minnesota (US)
Topics: Organizational Development, Higher Education, Personal Learning Environments, Portfolios, Social Networks

Alan Levine
Educational Media Consultant (US)
Topics: Digital Storytelling, Educational Technology, cMOOCs, Podcasting, Photography, Multimedia

Charles Miller
Associate professor of Learning Technologies at University of Minnesota (US)
Topics: Adventure Learning, Experiental Learning, Design Based Research, Innovative Learning Design, Photography, Multimedia

Howard Rheingold
Researcher, Author, Visiting lecturer in Stanford University's Department of Communication (US)
Topics: Learning Communities, Virtual Communities

George Siemens
Director of Learning Innovation and Networked Knowledge Research Lab (LINK) at University of Texas at Arlington (US)
Topics: Collective Intelligence, Connectivism, Learning Analytics, Learning Networks, Big Data, MOOCs

Martin Weller
Professor of Educational Technology in the Institute of Educational Technology at Open University (UK)
Topics: Digital Scholarship, Open Education, OER, Open Access

Steve Wheeler
Professor ofLearning Technology in the Plymouth Institute of Education at Plymouth University (UK).
Topics: E-Learning, Mobile Learning, Web 2.0, Blogs, Wikis, Podcasting, Distance Education, Social Networks

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Bidding farewell to my students.

A week ago, I gave a letter to the President of the Scholars Society informing them of my plans of leaving my post as their coordinator. They're really one of the huge reasons why I have been enjoying my job. 

This week, one by one, they were visiting me at my office because of some pending tasks they need to accomplish and they couldn't help express their disappointment that I was leaving. Huhu :( I'm sorry. But like I told one of them, they will graduate soon anyway. Which also means, they will soon, too, leave. 

I love my job as their coordinator for the past year. This reminds me of my previous students in Tutoring Club (Alabang and PTE branches). Although thanks to Facebook, I am still connected with them somehow. Being in education, is such a fulfilling profession. I will make sure I make the most out of the remaining two months. I am sure I will still cross paths with them someday. I'm really grateful for them. It's been a very busy past year. 

I'm really grateful for what has happened the past year. I have grown fondness of my scholars. I will just see them around campus. 

Saturday, March 14, 2015

A master's degree, for what it is worth.

The thesis track is not easy as it seems. 😭

6 years of Masters turning 7 .... 

Do not underestimate mine.

I think it's not just the degree but really the journey and the process of attaining that degree.

Finally, preparing for my defense!!!! 

It's just the proposal, but ONE STEP CLOSER!!! 

On a side note, I need yoga.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Thesis (Proposal) Defense

Last term, it came to the point that I just wanted to graduate my masters no matter how mediocre my thesis will be. Of course I felt uneasy having to accept that my masteral thesis won't be as awesome as I would have expected it to be. But turn of events in just one night I ended up revamping my thesis and ta-da. A masterpiece of my own idea. I am excited to start implementing it already although I know I have to completely ground my proposal first. There's actually still a lot of things to do for my proposal. 

But I am confident to defend this term. 

Graduation is near !! :)