Monday, July 11, 2016

48 Laws of Power by Robert Green

Here's a screen shot of my current iBooks in my Macbook. I can't wait to have free time so I can go back reading to these books again. These are type of books that you have to read more than once. I just realized that most of my favorite books are on the lines of learning the art of manipulation. Isn't applied psychology just awesome? lol ... anyway... not that I want to manipulate anybody... I just want to learn human behavior and how the best way to behave in certain situations... *wink*

Anywayyyyy... the only book that I haven't read in my collection is 48 Laws of Power. I cam across an article from Business Insider ( and read the summary of each "Law" ... Kinda deceptive but it's like the "Art of War" but only different, somehow.. Anyway it does sound interesting.. I'm sharing here the clippings from the article I mentioned. And then after completing my thesis revisions I will 1) Study Spanish and 2) Read my books!

Funny that when I was a child I hated reading books. It just completely bores me. If only I was introduced to these "behavioral" books then maybe I could have developed the love of manipulation, or I mean, the love of psychology and reading at an early age! ... Human behavior is just so awesome.

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