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My iBooks Collection
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Friday, February 27, 2015

Thesis defense 1.

February 26, 2015 Thursday,  Second Thesis consultation appointment
Mentor will meet with me next Thursday to see the revisions and told me to enroll in thesis defense

I'm finally defending.

Although I need to read up and add on literature. 

3 topics, organization, environment and atittude variables that affect student persistence. 

Need to sleep for a bit.

Will download articles later.

Read it over the weekend while having my retreat. 

Sleep first.

This is why I'm always busy.

Because I make a difference every day.

"Today was really a perfect day... And the highlight of it was... coming home to this DLSU Alumni Newsletter (why hello Lasalle, you missed me so soon? 😂😊). Sitting down at the dinner table. And then opening it. Thank you Aubrey & Karl for reminding me of my purpose and giving me an opportunity to make a difference everyday. I am so proud of you guys !! 👍💚✔️😊"

Monday, February 23, 2015

Thesis Writing 1

Let us see how this has played out.

Concept paper approved. 
Revised my concept paper based on comments of evaluators.
Added models of Student Attrition

January 20, 2015 enrolled in Thesis Writing 1
Submitted the revised concept paper to my mentor.

January 27 (Tuesday) First Thesis consultation. 
Feedback: Fix RRL, revise research questions, add qualitative study to confirm the quantitative.
Thesis defense: March 2015.

February 3,  2015. No thesis consultation. Busy at work. 
February 10, 2015. No thesis consultation. Mentor not in school.
February 17, 2015. No thesis consultation. Mentor not available.
February 24, 2015. No thesis consultation. Mentor needs to review new paper.
Revised paper. Research questions reflect each causal relationship. 5x3. Added qualitative study. 
New paper. Propose another study that is exploratory. 

February 26, 2015 Thursday, 3pm Second Thesis consultation appointment

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Busy February

It's a busy February.

With Interviews for incoming freshmen.

I don't know what happened to my February.


Lost the momentum for my thesis. 

Have to catch up.

Darn it.

Then there's my I/O Class. The requirements are so demanding because there's only two of us in class. Only two of us dividing the burden.


I've finished the requirements I need to do for work.


Things to do: 

Read on scholarship/financial aid and put in intro.

Do Chapter 13 of I/O class.