My iBooks Collection

My iBooks Collection
My iBooks Collection: Some of my favorite books!

Random 2015 Photos #WalkMyWorld

2015 was the year that I hiked too much, ate too much, studied too much and attended conferences too much. 2015 was the year that I was able to do whatever I wanted to do and whenever I wanted to do it. 2015 was the year I had freedom. 2015 was the year that I attained a work-life balance. 2015 was the year I spent more time with family.

Despite my physical activities, 2015 was also the year I gained weight at a rate that I did not expect.

I defended my thesis proposal
Saw my grandparents move back to Manila
Did my thesis .. well.. sort of... 
Randomly bumped into my cousin (and made her my colleague) like as if it was meant to be.
Attended a lot of conferences

Fought stage fright

Went out of town.
Climbed mountains (Kalinga)
Climbed mountains and went camping (Mt. Pulag)
Studied for the board exams.
and studied...
and studied some more...
and discovered study places in the process...
Took the Psychometrician Board Exam
Passed the Psychometrician board exams
Took the bus headed out of town at 2:00 am.
Went out of town (Baguio)
Climbed more mountains (Negros Occidental)
Took yoga classes

Attended High School Reunions
Attended Anniversaries

Attended TED Talks
Attended gatherings with college Friends
Had a Birthday Party
Had a Birthday Tea date

Booked a ticket for my birthday
Went to Dumaguete/San Carlos for my Birthday
Went on a Sip & Gogh date.

Went on a Day Trip to Siquijor
Welcome to Siquijor
Almost missed our boat.
Had my yearbook photo taken for graduate school

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