Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Thesis and Work and the International conference.

Finally, I KNOW that I will officially graduate this October 2016. I got the signatures from my panel already. Minor revisions but it is already approved!!

I can also now focus more on building a bigger team for my work. I really love being a leader. I really enjoy balancing the chemistry, the culture, the personalities, the strengths and weaknesses. That's what's really I love best in being a leader. And it is true that being a leader will be so easy if you have the right people on your team! 

And then of course I can now focus more on the International Conference that my professional organization has been preparing for more than a year now. This is another accomplishment for me because all (but one) of the major partners of the conference is because of my networking skills. I am also going to take this opportunity to present my paper! Well, at least only a part of it because my thesis is actually compose of three studies. I can present the quantitative phase in this conference =)

My team on Online and Computerized Assessments will also be presenting. I will also be presenting, I think I should be preparing for my presentation soon. haha.

Oh goodie such a great year this year yes it was. Thank you Lord!

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