Monday, July 11, 2016

When people ask me what my work is...

Okay, last year I made a post trying to explain what a psychometrician was so that when people ask me what a psychometrician is I have a script to follow. This is because it's just so difficult to sometimes explain to people who are not in your field and make them understand what it really means. You have to convert it to something useful and relevant to them.

Psychometricians: They develop tests like personality tests, aptitude tests, psychological tests etc. I think that's understandable right?

Now when people ask me what my work is or what I am currently studying on, and then I say what my course is: "oh you want to be a teacher?"

It's not that I DON'T want to be a teacher, but there's just more in education than that. Of course one day I want to teach inside the classroom. But how do I explain the job of an instructional designer? or a Curriculum writer?

I would sometimes say "We write a compilation of lesson plans for teachers to use". Lesson plans are a layman's term right?

But recently I found a much simpler version of it all: "We write books for students."

And then I get the idea they understand what they basically mean. Save the technicalities for those who wish to learn more about my profession.

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