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Saturday, January 2, 2016

A second M.A. degree?

The holiday break is over and I'm mentally preparing myself to get back to the student mode. I've avoided my thesis for almost two months now and I cannot keep this up. I haven't opened my thesis yet and its already 8:27 PM as of this writing. But there was an idea that popped in my head that would give me the motivation to finish my masters A.S.A.P. I've always wanted to study abroad. I can still recall the time I graduated elementary and my father planted an idea of me taking highschool in Los Angeles, where my grandparents used to live. But words remained as words and instead of moving abroad, I moved from an exclusive school to a co-ed school and had my high school years there. It wasn't abroad, but I appreciated the change and new environment nevertheless. I have met the most awesome people that turned into my brothers and sisters. When I graduated a bachelors degree, I've always imagined myself taking graduate school abroad, but for some reason, the reality of it happening was just far from reality because of the lack of foundation and support. I couldn't even get enough support from taking my masters alone, what more abroad. And this support is not just financially, but the idea of going back to school again was something my father found unnecessary. As the new year began, it occurred to me that I will be turning 30 years old next year. The idea of studying abroad will be more difficult to achieve if I end up having a family already. So, I think there is no time to waste anymore and I have to make my dreams a reality. Am I ready for a Ph.D program? I figured, I might not be emotionally ready for that yet. It will require lots and lots and lots of reading and research and I'm already having a hard time with my current thesis. I would like to go back to school and take classes again, but psychologically, somehow, a Ph.D. program sounds too intimidating and will include so much pressure. I want to go back to school for the sheer learning of it and not for the credentials and stress. When I meet somebody who took more than one masters degree, the first thing that I would tell them why did you take another MA and not just go straight to PHD? For me it felt like it was a waste of time. But now, I am starting to understand. To dive into a PhD program needs not just time and focus and intellectual capabilities, it also involves emotional readiness. Plus, do I really need a PhD? Why do I want a PhD in the first place? The only reason I have for now is for people to call me a doctor. Heh.. not enough reason to give myself a hard time eh? Well, anyway, another Masters Program therefore makes much more sense. Plus, I can choose a different specialization or master more my craft. I am thinking of taking a masteral program that would focus on Educational Technology. My current masters degree is on learning and teaching which covers the broad field of learning and teaching. My passion has always been on educational technology and I think it would be worth it for me to get back to school (or be a student again, after being a student) ... Heh.. a degree after a degree... it might sound insane for people.. but we all have our own interests.. What lingered in my mind as well is that if I take a Masters in Educational Technology abroad then my current Masters would seem useless because the program abroad would definitely be better. But then again, the experiences would be different and I think that's what matters most in graduate school. There is a story for every graduate school degree. Its not just merely attending classes and passing them. There's something about going back to school as an adult that makes the learning experience different. So anyway, right now I've been researching on possible school I would apply to by 2017... I need to make this happen.. I will have to take IELTS or TOEFL this year as well. Gah.. learning just never stops. I have no complaints.

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