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My iBooks Collection
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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Time to face reality

Aging is no joke.

I only have 2 years to enjoy my 20's.

And my metabolism does not function the same way it did when I was in my teenage years. 

This year, I had months studying for my board exam. And sometimes, when you feel like you've been punishing yourself and straining yourself for studying so hard from morning till evening.. You want to reward yourself with some great food. Milkshakes. Frappes. Eggs Benedict. Pasta. Pizza. Philadelphia sandwich. Gelato. Tacos. Cake.

I passed the board exam. Which is great! But now turns out I have to focus on one thing I've end up neglecting. Despite my regular yoga classes, it wasn't enough.. 

Apparently my "broken" Wii, says I gained about 10 pounds this year. And people have been commenting on how I've gained weight too. And it's quite consistent. Normally, my weight doesn't bother me. But when I feel uncomfortable and randomly catching myself holding my tummy as if I had a baby inside, then it means it's not a good sign.

The new year hasn't started yet. but I don't want to procrastinate this one. I'm already cutting back my carb intake and making sure I burn some calories everyday. No need to wait for 2016. I'm starting it now. 

The goal by mid-2016 is 125 lbs.

And the end of 2016 is 120 lbs. 

And maybe some abs? Haha. Or at least lessens the jelly in my tummy. Blah. I feel so bloated. It's so uncomfy. 


But at least I've started to get back to getting a life now. Watching Arrow series consumed my life. 

Now I'm back to getting Physical and mental. Tonight imma get back to my thesis. 

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