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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Thesis Update

Not yet there but slowly progressing.

I'm so tempted to watch a movie but NO.


Analyzing some data right now and then tomorrow, I will do 2 yoga classes in the morning, submit my draft to my mentor, then proceed to starting to write the results (Monday) of analyzed data, then meet with my graduate school friend. On Tuesday I will start  writing the discussion portion based on the results.

I'm trying to gauge write now if my deadline and goal each day is being realistic.

Sunday: Analysis of Data
Monday: Results of Data
Tuesday: Discussion of Data

Of course these are just drafts but its a huge leap to help me finish my thesis in two weeks. Starting to write is always the huge obstacle so I would rather have bits and pieces in writing already and just edit edit edit... and edit some more.. I need to have my full thesis written by January 22 (Friday). And submit it immediately the monday after that and then wait for my mentor to review it and have it approved. I hope there are minor revisions, oh gosh please... So that my mentor will already approve for final defense. It does take a while to process these things due to a slow system caused by human delay. So as a result I'm squeezing myself to finish a month early than the deadline of enrollment.


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