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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Qualitative Phase: Creating Interview Questions

It's my first time to create interview questions. I just realized that.

I've had qualitative phases before but it is mostly open ended questions and in my other experiences the interviews are always unstructured. 

Now that I created a semi-structured interview, I have a feeling I will be able to conduct these interviews easier than I imagined. 

I've been avoiding the qualitative phase because I did imagine it to be difficult. How to analyze. What questions to ask. But then having a well thought and well designed guide DOES help.

Now I just have to tick tick tick the answers and if there are examples then I just have to type it verbatim.

My new calendars so far:

Conduct all the interviews before January ends.

February: write results and discussion

March: Revisions/Submission

Do I defend in April? 

It would actually be nice if I can already defend by April. Let's put our target in April.

By then I will get my diploma when I start applying in my new schools.

Yes, new school.

I have some plans in mind and I'm actually excited. I just love learning. 

People say I should just take PHD but I also admit and tell them I'm not emotionally ready  yet! Plus, I don't think I want to be doing research research all my life. I would rather take another masters degree. I want to be a master of another field. Crossing my fingers for now that I graduate soon and that my applications in my school school get approved.


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