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My iBooks Collection
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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

What's wrong with me

I met with my mentor yesterday and I found out that what I was doing was exerting energy that was really bound to be useless.

I was creating a narrative report for each of the participant that I interviewed and she said that what I was doing was for PHD level. What's wrong with me and my standards? I keep on making my life difficult. Not sleeping. staying up late. Stressing myself out. Lack of social life. When the answers are just simple.

I'm going to do a thematic analysis. Something I've done in undergraduate thesis and what I've been doing in research papers at work.

I feel so foolish and stupid. 

Thematic analysis Toni !!!!!!

Why do I always aim for the moon when all that is asked for me are the stars? 

I don't think this is such an admirable trait all the time. It is exhausting. I am the cause of my own burn out.

SMH... Thematic analysis... Geez Louis.

Ugh. I hate myself right now. 

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