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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Philippine eLearning Society (PeLS) International Congress on eLearning (ICE) 2015

I'm almost done with my master's degree (hopefully by the end of 2015) and I have to start looking for employment that is tailored to what I am passionate about. 

E-learning. Instructional Design. Educational Technology. 

The people I have been in contact and communication with and who are in the same field are mostly outside of the Philippines. 

For a while, I figured, how come I'm not building contacts to where I actually live? 

I don't want to elaborate on what was stopping me, but I decided to google "E-learning Philippines" and discovered this.

Right now what's stopping me is, do I pay? or do I not. Last night, I was only willing to attend the pre-conference workshop. But today I got an e-mail encouraging me to attend the whole congress. 

A part of me thinks, are they sales talking me? or maybe it is a blessing in disguise. 

I came across a paper about e-learning in the Philippines published in 2007 that says:

"E-learning can be regarded as a relatively new concept in the Philippines and is still in its embryonic stage. Although open and distance learning has been documented to be introduced in the Philippines way back in 1952 through the Farmers’ School-on-the-Air program over a one kilowatt radio station in the province of Iloilo, the development of distance education, much so of the e-learning environment lags far behind more industrialized countries due to a relatively lack of infrastructure, investment, and a pedagogy applicable to many Filipinos."

Actually, I thought it was a recent paper. 

Not much have changed... Although there has been, I guess, improvements? I probably don't have the right to say since I haven't explored or read much about this in the Philippines especially that my MOOC thesis got disapproved I went off tangent. Thanks for killing my passion.

But now that I'm on a full time student status again and I am almost done with graduate school, I know I have to start building contacts for me to find a job that supports e-learning or at the least allow me to use the skills that I have worked hard for years (i.e GRAD SCHOOL). 

Going back to the workshop/congress, YEY or NAY? 
Will it be worth my money? I don't have an institution to "refund" my registration. 

I guess what I'm hesitant about is that I have never paid for a workshop/congress! 
For some reason, I either just get lucky that I am part of the team or the workshop is free. 

I guess it's about time I start doing different. 
It's Php6,000.00 for early bird registration and the congress is on September.  
It also means classes have started during that time (thesis ehem).

I should just probably go for it. Hopefully it'll shed light for me to know the opportunities that e-learning industry has in the Philippines. 

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