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My iBooks Collection
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Friday, June 26, 2015

Linked In

So I decided to give LinkedIn another try by creating a new account (my second one). 

As with my other social networking profiles, I always end up having more than one account.

One Facebook for "almost all connections" and one Facebook "zero friends and only FB group connections".

One Twitter for "personal friends who are also connected with me on Facebook" and one Twitter for "mostly people I only meet online (mostly professionals talking about our field of interests).

One Blogspot for "personal sentiments" and one Blogspot for "professional and academic journey matters".

I also have two Instagram accounts but the public account is mostly just for contests... Haha

Anyway, so with LinkedIn, I had to try a different approach. My old LinkedIn account was barely touched and barely updated. I even forgot my password and it doesn't even have a profile photo in it. I didn't find the importance or relevance about getting a LinkedIn account because I never thought of it as being helpful in any way aside from showing of your career and accomplishments with friends. Uhm... No thanks. 

However, I also know how LinkedIn can be probably helpful to connect with REAL professionals that matter to the field I'm interested in. Just like how I approached my public Twitter account by only talking to people who I haven't met in person but are also talking about things I'm interested in. 

Since I deleted my Facebook application the other day (trying to regulate and lessen my Facebook usage), I decided to download the LinkedIn application. 

Interestingly, it does look resemble Facebook in a way that you get to upload a status and a photo on a random basis. I decided not to connect with my friends because, that's what Facebook is for. 

I'm excited to use the LinkedIn app as how I would have wasted my time in Facebook scrolling newsfeeds of #OOTD's and #FOODCOMA's that are actually irrelevant in my life. 

Atleast with LinkedIn, I'll be sure that there are higher chances that what I would scroll to and read are things that are relevant to the world and globally important (or at the least similar to my Twitter feed it will be filled with topics that are related to my professional track).

I wonder if LinkedIn will actually help me land in my dream job? A job that would be tailored to what I am great at and passionate about? 

However, for now, I have to get back to studying for the Psychometric Board exam. *gasp* STOP PROCRASTINATING TONI.

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