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Friday, June 5, 2015


Typically, I've been travelling on foot for the past weeks. Going to church, going to the bank and going to coffee shops. Feels good to go around and check what establishments we have around the neighborhood. I have succumb to become a loner. But on a more optimistic description, more like an independent entity. Studying for the board exam is pretty intense and serious for me. Socialization, suddenly has become secondary. Gone intrinsic? I'm pretty much sure it's just being intensely goal-oriented right now. I don't want anything to stand in my way.

A childhood friend, whom I haven't spoken for so long (due to certain fall outs as part of growing up), messaged me the other day and trying to accuse me of not enjoying life. He asked me to tell him honestly if I was happy with what I am doing (studying and whatever else I am doing). His questioning was in a way insulting because, what gave him the faintest idea I am not happy?

I told him I am enjoying life, I am happy, just with a different set of people.

As I continuously review Theories of Personality, I also get to know more about my life and life in general. I find satisfaction in learning. I love what I am doing. Some of us just mature differently from one another.


  1. Hi Toni, thx for sharing your thoughts and pinging me to read this. I love how honest and intimatw it is...I have been in this headspace before -& totally understand the need and desire to block out distractions when focusing on something you care about. I wish I had the opportunity to do this more too (it's virtually impossible when you have a enjoy the freedom while you can!). I think it's totally healthy - & necessary to feel comfortable spending time on your own, reflecting & being introspective. It's all about balance!

  2. Agree w Tanya, u can't do it w a child. Enjoy it while u can, few ppl understand love if learning. I think our balance shifts at different times in our lives