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My iBooks Collection
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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

TEDxDLSU in just TWO DAYS !! *psyched*

I can't believe that over a year ago I would just spend much of my time browsing and looking for inspiring TED Talks. Now, my own Alma Mater is producing their own TED event.


I am mostly looking forward for Dr. Espiritu's TED Talk the most!!!

Lloyd Espiritu
Technology Advocate. Educator. Author.
Doc Lloyd is also an active educational technology consultant working on around the country. He has lead large-scale projects projects in Instructional Design, e-Learning, mobile-Learning, e-Assessment with different organizations such as Vibal Publishing House, DTI, the Commission on ICT, the Bureau of Alternative Learning System (ALS), and TESDA. His most recent project with TESDA premiers the first MOOC (massive open online course) for TVET in the Philippines. This MOOC was launched in 2012 to increase access to TVET courses and continuous to help Filipinos get certified for employment.

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