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My iBooks Collection
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Thursday, January 1, 2015


What an awesome way to end the first day of the year.

An invitation to attend a TED TALK!!

Ever since I discovered TED videos in 2013 during my hiatus (or what Stefan Sagmeister would call 'Power of Time Off'), I have always dreamt of someday being in the audience.  Of course it is international so I've actually always wondered how do you attend these events. As I checked the website I saw that you pay a large amount of money to attend an actual TED Conference (not to mention the plane tickets to go to the venue as well). 

Until one day a friend of mine said that DLSU is actually hosting a TEDxEvent!!! 

The slots were really limited with only 100 participants to be chosen. I really got scared of the chances especially it wasn't on a first come first serve basis but it was based on an application form you submit. 

I don't remember what I wrote there (I sure now wished I kept a screen shot of it) but what's important right now actually is that I can't believe I actually got chosen to watch this rare event!!!!!!!!!!!

I literally screamed when I saw this email and my mom scolded me because she thought something went wrong. I just joyfully told her that I got chosen to watch TED!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh the simple joys of those who are always in a pursuit of knowledge, meaningful information and #IdeasWorthSpreading

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