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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

MOOCs are here to stay for good.

Came across another article!

This talks about how MOOCs are eventually evolving with corporations offering skill based MOOCs.

But what intrigued me more are the comments of people about MOOCs.

Lots of positive comments and I have the same sentiments.

Some comments that I like are:

"This will be the answer to all those who are skeptical about the success of MOOCs. There are more critics than supporters of MOOC.I believe that MOOCs are going to suceed in the long run. It is a question of finding a proper use and viable model which I am sure will emerge with time."

"MOOCs are here to stay for good. Every new phenomenon has its pros and cons. I guess MOOCs has more pros than cons, hence it is going to be a huge success eventually."

"Amazing courses, really its the future education system"

There are still of course, some critics who question how to verify if the student did the MOOC or paid somebody to do it. I guess there will be some ways to verify that because the lack of skill will show.

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