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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The MOOC hype is dead, but not MOOC itself.

Came across another article about Sebastian Thrun's announcement on moving from higher ed courses to vocational courses.

I would like to re-quote what George Siemens said -  “Make no mistake – this is a failure of Udacity and Sebastian Thrun. This is not a failure of open education, learning at scale, online learning, or MOOCs.” 

Also what Martin Weller said -  “Does this mean MOOCs are dead? Not really. It just means they aren’t the massive world revolution none of us thought they were anyway.” 

Quoting them is the simplest way to express what I also thought. Like I said in my previous post, this does not make me less interested in pursuing research about MOOCs. But instead, it even makes it more interesting because nobody really knows what the future of MOOCs will be.

Some people I guess just over reacted quickly about the MOOC hype and that is how typically human behavior is, they quickly reject new ideas and fear of changes.

Anyway... I am now soooooooooo outdated about MOOCs, I haven't been keeping myself updated because I have been too busy catching up with the MOOCs I actually enrolled myself with.

But relax Toni, all your MOOCs will end by 2nd week of December, then your next MOOC will start January next year. It means you have that free time to focus on your thesis now.

Wait. Free time. Thesis?

How about social life?

Ain't nobody got time for that.


I am such a nerd. But hey, I always look forward to weekends. Life of balance.

It's my 26th birthday this Sunday.

Looking forward to seeing my friends :)

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