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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

same problems since 1998 #EDCMOOC 

When I read the abstract of this article, I told myself I should note this down because it would be a good reference to put in my thesis about MOOCs. Considering that 2012 was the year of the MOOCs, it gave rise to a lot of issues in higher education. But when I checked the date it was published I was surprised to see that it was published in 1998. 

Amazing! 1998 and higher education already provided courses online???? 

Although, when you think about it… 1998 and the issues regarding online education are somewhat the same issues today in 2013? Wait a minute... somehow, somewhere, something must have gone wrong. 

quoting the 1998 article “This Fall the student handbook distributed annually to all students by the York Federation of Students contained a warning about the dangers of online education.” – this is very alarming, it seemed that the reason why online education still remains to have a lot of pressing issues even up to this date is probably because we are slowing down the growth on exploring the potential improvements and benefits that online education can provide the society. 

I, for one, am very positive about online education. I believe that MOOCs have a promising place in the future. I am not sure what kind of future MOOCs will have, but I think it will find itself very useful.

*EDCMOOC stands for E-learning & Digital Cultures Massive Open Online Course provided by Coursera

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