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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Bendito Machine III #EDCMOOC

This is a very interesting clip. We do treat technology like gods huh? Obsessing not to scratch or drop it and act like it's the coolest thing on earth (on that specific moment in time, and well.. IT IS the coolest thing on earth). But then as soon as another invention comes out, we just disregard the old ones and move on idolizing the next big thing.

We are robots.


No wonder being in the I.T. industry will make you millions.

Is it too late to shift my career?

*EDCMOOC stands for E-learning & Digital Cultures Massive Open Online Course provided by Coursera

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  1. Smart thoughts and a cool illustration! :) I've already seen a similar image on another post, but thst one was not exactly the same. I admire how people find time to search for additional visualisation and reading! :)