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Monday, November 18, 2013

World Builder #EDCMOOC

"World builder is a short film which explores some of the same themes (simulation, immersion, artifice) as the Toyota advertisement, though in a slightly more nuanced way. What is your interpretation of this film? In what ways does it position ‘the human’ in relation to the technological? What does it say about ways in which human emotion can be manipulated by digital simulation?"

What a sad sad video!!!!! 

I think this video relates when people make a virtual image or creating their own vision of their utopian world inside the world of the wide web.. Once you go offline, you face reality. Those euphoric feelings you have while being online are just temporary emotions because it's not reality. 

But sometimes, it does feel good to have these temporary feelings, as long as you don't mix fantasy with reality. Much like the movie in Inception, when Mal woke up already but she believes she's still dreaming and the only way to "wake up" is to die. 

Sometimes, when I look at my photos, I wish I had the technology to relieve the moments I have during those times. Like what that Robinson's kid did in his science project invention the "memory scanner". 

(I'm a very sentimental person).

But like what the lesson of the animated film says, "Keep moving forward". 

*EDCMOOC stands for E-learning & Digital Cultures Massive Open Online Course provided by Coursera

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