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My iBooks Collection
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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Is google making us stupid? #EDCMOOC


I don't think google is making people stupid. It's opening doors for people to gain information. But to those who do not know how to discern real facts from made up stuff, that should be a problem. Information management is a new skill that people should learn to develop nowadays.

That is why schools should teach students the skill in research and verifying facts so that they don't quickly believe anything they see in the internet.

The article said, that people read less because of the internet.

I on the other hand, have opposite experience.

I barely read when I was younger. I was lazy to read. Too lazy that every time I start reading I doze off. Seriously. I think it's because my brain isn't used to reading, so it falls asleep.

But as I grew older, I got overwhelmed with the kind of knowledge I could pick up because of the internet. Technology has also given me the hobby of reading because now I have tons of e-books in my ipad.

Reading for me is now a hobby.

My good reads account is now filled with accomplished books. And the only reason I wouldn't read a book is because I don't have the time or I have other important priorities. Reading is actually a huge distraction for me now because once I start reading a book, I tend to forget my other responsibilities -_-. It's as if I must finish the book first. That's why I postpone reading a book in a later time when I know I don't have exams or other things I should be doing because I can't stop myself from reading!!

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