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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Life Priorities

As I start a new year, it's time to identify the things I'm going to prioritize.

Mental exercise: Graduate School's over *hooray* .. That's something I've strived to accomplished the previous year. 

As to exercise my brain I need to read more about E-learning trends and Educational Technology and less reading on current events which is more often a joke nowadays. I also need to keep up with my Spanish enrollment. 

Physical fitness: I've stopped going to yoga altogether and I haven't gone hiking for the past year. I feel like my tummy is becoming bothersome already because my metabolism isn't the same as it was when I was younger. 

I'm turning 30 this year for crying out loud! Aaaagh... 

Last Saturday my friend and I went rock climbing. We only went for two climbs and then we were dead tired afterwards. 

On a good note it did get me moving. After many months of just eating and laying down in bed.. It finally got me moving. 

I really feel guilty of being lazy and it seems like yoga is something I'm bored with as of the moment.. I remember the last time I went to yoga, I felt like I was dragging myself to yoga class. I already have my inner peace. I think I have too much of it already. What I want right now is for the fat in my tummy to go away.

I've always been goal oriented type of person. I know if I set myself with a goal I'll commit to it. All I need is to align myself with certain goals. 

I went to school today, and I discovered that the Gold's Gym in my university has (finally) opened. I've been thinking about going to the gym for the past months because I know for the fact I haven't been doing any physical activity for the past months. After giving up yoga, I haven't done any exercise. I need work-life balance.

Adult life is really hard. Aside from the mental exercise, you also have to balance it with physical exercise and at the same time budgeting your expenses to achieve all these exercises. The other option is laying down in bed the whole day doing nothing and spending nothing. But if I do that, what kind of life am I trying to live? 

I guess gym is also the answer to my thoughts recently... As I've been telling my friends that I've lost my motivation to wake up for the past few days. After finishing my masters, I've lost any desire of accomplishing anything. There is nothing I want to desire anymore. I need new goals.

But now that I have enrolled in the gym for one-year subscription ... I have a new past time... If one day I feel bored, then all I have to do is go to the gym and get some exercise. I have to redirect my energy and instead of spending it on additional food (thus gaining weight), I'll have a physical activity. 

Let's do this.

So what are my goals this year?

*Continuesly study my Spanish Lessons.
*Read on E-Learning and Educational Technology
*Go to the gym and lose weight
*Save money & stop craving sweets (I guess carbs are fine if I'm going to do exercises from now on)

*Apply for Canadian Tourist Visa
*Plan a vacation sometime June/July
*Prepare for Convention in September

Let's do this Toni!

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