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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Academic Readings

Okay, so when I graduated graduate school I kinda said "Good-bye Academe". But let's face it, the whole point of taking a Master's Degree in Teaching and Learning is basically telling me I'm stuck in the Academic setting for life. And let's admit it... I actually don't really have a problem with that.

But let's try to organize my goals for now especially there's no brick and mortar classroom that will dictate me with deadlines any longer.

I need to live up to my Master's degree and constantly updating myself and filling my head with knowledge. Things that I will need to show people that hey, I'm an MA graduate.

Hello Academic Literature... yet again.

So what are the things right now that I need to look into and by priority.

1) Curriculum Evaluation - I need to read on frameworks and create my own tool on how to evaluate a curriculum. Since I am in the industry of providing curriculum to schools, I need to work on helping my colleagues and stakeholders how to evaluate their current curriculum. Huge Priority.

2) Project-Based Learning - At the same time, we are going towards implementing project-based learning and the need to train teachers that PBL does not necessarily mean just providing students with projects. I need to read more on this and as well as identifying how we can apply this in the current curriculum.

3) Educational Technology trends in the academe - I need to take time and go back to my twitter feed and fill my Twitter with Educational Technology topics rather than personal conversations. I need to dig into my newsfeed amidst the controversial political topics and focus on what exactly is happening in the EdTech. This is going to be hard because I will be distracted by current needs but luckily I will be attending an EdTech Expo on February 21-22, 2017 therefore at least I will be surrounded by people who are EdTech enthusiasts as well.

Have to give myself 30 minutes for now, then off to the gym I go.

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