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Monday, February 6, 2017

How Does Technology Enhance Teaching and Learning?

I have a workshop to conduct on Saturday, February 11, 2017 that would focus on how technology enhances teaching and learning. I'm trying to catch up on readings before I prepare my presentation. It seems like it will be a busy week for me.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, I am going back to my university so I can visit the Job Expo. The company that I work at has a booth in my Alma Mater and I'm going to check how things are going.

On Wednesday, I'm going to have an orientation about Project-Based Learning. I'll be having a discussion with some of my colleagues and talk about what they understand about Project-Based Learning. This is the approach that we are going for in our curriculum.

And then on Thursday, I will be going back to my University and attend the company talk that my colleagues will be giving during the Job Expo.

Busy week. Not bad. I'm actually glad I'm getting back on the wheels.

I guess right now I have to focus on the topic of my presentation on Saturday which is

"How Does Technology Enhance Teaching and Learning?"

So far I've been reading stuff on how educational technology applications enhance assessments. The audience of my workshop are technology and engineering students; Therefore, I also have to think in a way how these students think they can contribute to the education industry. I need to read more when I get home.

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To Do:
Read more about educational technology practices and trends

What is SCORM?

How Educational Technology is Transforming Teaching and Learning

How K-12 schools are adopting educational technology

Educational Technology Applications:
Edtech Tools: Whiteboard Apps, Presentation Tools, Online Group Discussion Tools, Course Assessment Tools, Library Tools

Free Tools for Teachers: Create Infographics, Text To Speech Tools ,Digital Storytelling Tools, Podcast Tools, Survey, Polls, and Quizzes Tools ,Screen Capturing Tools,  Social Bookmarking Tools ,Online Bibliography and Citation Tools, Sticky Notes Tools,Photo and Image Editing Tools
1Testing and Quizzing Tool,Web Conferencing Tools, Authoring Tools, Annotation Tools, Video Tools, PDF Tools, Download Royalty Free and Creative Commons Music ,Stock Photos Sites

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