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Monday, February 13, 2017

Another fitness new year resolution...

A year ago (2016) I posted a change of my weight for the year 2015. I started the year at around 120lbs+ and I ended the year at around 130lbs+ ... That's a 10 pound difference. I remember in 2015 I did not control any of what I ate because I was too focused on making myself feel better by not depriving myself of my cravings and food. That was the year that I simultaneously worked on passing the psychometric board examinations as well as writing my thesis. I was already giving myself a hard time, why would I deprive myself of food right?

I never thought about gaining weight until I stepped on my Wii Fit at the end of 2015 and boom. Ten pounds!!!

So early in 2016 I made a post about changing my diet, avoiding rice, eating bread, avoiding sweets. And true enough I remember getting a head ache and a piece of chocolate took the pain away.

At some point in 2016, I totally forgot about my carbo and sweets diet. But sometime in September 2016 I stepped on my Wii board again, and I didn't notice I was around 123lbs again. That without actually doing anything. I remember at some point I just stopped attending yoga classes as well.

Well this year, my tummy has been bothering me. I can feel it bulging out of my body and I can't even hold it in for a "stomach in" photo op. I paid for a 1-year subscription for Gold's Gym and maybe the money I spent is a good reminder for me to take my weight seriously for the rest of the year. 

I need to cut down on my rice intake. I'm a rice person. I'm Asian. But more than that, I really eat like a guy. I really eat A LOT. And when u was growing up, I really felt grateful that I could eat anything and not really get fat. Well, I guess I took it for granted and now it's really making me bigger and know I should do something about it before it's harder to control. 

It's really hard. I don't know how I'll do it. I don't have a constant routine or program I'm following but I guess as long as I commit myself at least 30 minutes a day of either cardio at the gym or yoga at home... I'll see some changes.. Hopefully? ... 

Well if I lost weight sometime February to September w/o actually exercising didn't realize it, then now that I do exercise it'll definitely show results right? 

I know I have to change my diet.. I've already cut down my soda intake for the past year because I know it isn't healthy. I drink water as much as possible when I go out and eat. I also avoid eating fast food too as much as possible. I guess this year I just really have to be strict about my diet and add more fruits. If there aren't any option of food then I'll just buy myself an apple or a banana.

Let's see how things play out by next month. 

Turning 30 years old in December! ... Good bye care free twenties.. Time to really take life seriously. 

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