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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Stepping out of my comfort zone

Aside from learning español, I'm trying to develop my sales skills. I really have not much experience on sales talks aside from selling tutorial services and curriculum products, which are both in the lines of education. Of course I'm a master in the education industry and there's a lot to say about it that would help me sell our products and services.

But more money is in the sales, so I think it's about time to work on my hidden talents and hone that a bit. 

I'm going to start with phone calls. I applied for this freelance job that only requires me to call a bunch of leads and try to talk into them in availing of a certain service. 

I have no sales experience but I think coming from a humanities background it's all in the application of psychological practices. The psychology of persuasion, manipulation and influence. I think I can pretty much pull this off right?

A friend who is hooking me up for this gig asked me if I was "hungry to sell". I told her, "Well, I'm hungry for money.. That's enough motivation isn't it?". I don't wanna lie and pretend that I got this. I need to be transparent that I seriously have no idea how to do this but letting you know I'm so eager to learn and develop this skill. 

I have a lot of travel plans after I officially commence my life after graduate school. That's why I need a lot of mollah. So apart from honing my sales skills, I need the money to travel. It is my graduation gift for myself as I enjoy the freedom from the academe. 

But sales. I've long avoided that line of work. Most of the time the work that I venture into is either in writing or in teaching.

However, I am in psychology, aren't I? I have been using my "applied psychology" when meeting new people "i.e. Dale Carnegie books" ... I haven't fully mastered it but I'm on the right track right? 

My social skills, psychological background, motivation, drive and learning curve are all the basic advantage I need. 

Just give me this chance, please !!! :P

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