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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Spanish test and then some.

My day yesterday started very stressful. (Mi dia ayer comenzar muy estresado) lol .. okay I don't even know if I was able to write that in spanish right. I'll just stick to english first.

So I started my day yesterday very stressed, with school.. stuff at home... stuff at work... everything just seems to just not fall into it's place correctly. I was so stressed I felt like shouting just to release my rage. There were just too many things going on in my head and the tiniest thing annoys me. One of the things that caused me stress was the thought that I had to still work on my thesis even after submitting it. Revisions, revisions, revisions. I just don't get this cycle anymore! I already want to graduate! 

So anyway I told my bestfriend that I wanted to hang out with her so I took a cab and went to one of the coffee shops near her office and waited for her there. I was busy listening to TED Talks and reading the Spanish subtitles trying to enhance my new skill. 

When my bestfriend arrived the coffee shop we were there just talking and then I was trying to show her my Spanish materials and then I tried practicing my Spanish lessons. A few minutes later, this guy who sat a few chairs away faced us and asked "Are you trying to learn Spanish?". Of course we were both surprised because this stranger just started talking to us, and then my bestfriend pointed to me and then the guy approached us and then I started sharing my learning endeavor. Turns out the guy was from Spain. haha. I felt a little shy because he probably was annoyed of my crude Spanish phonetics and had to interrupt and teach me the right way. LOL kidding he's a nice guy. Turns out he knows 5 languages. My bestfriend wanted to learn French and turns out our new friend knows french too. and arabic.. and korean... 

Basically the night ended up discussing about languages, culture, the world, religion, politics, dating, life... It was a good night despite a bad morning. 

It was as if it as a moment that I had to test what I've learned for the past 2 weeks in my attempts to learn Spanish. 

It was also a good thing that I've been recently watching Crash Course on Youtube, World History Play list because I was able to related with a lot of the European related conversations. 

Our new friend was well read and well traveled. These are the people that I really enjoy talking to. I enjoy the mental stimulation.

The first time I ever met a new friend in a coffee shop. It was a very very interesting moment and definitely a better place to meet new friends as compared to hostels and bars. 

I never made a mistake on investing my time learning a new language. I knew that it would really open an opportunity to meeting more people and being able to engage with them more. 

All is well that ends well! 

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