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Monday, June 6, 2016

Clearing up my mind.

As of the moment I am printing my thesis manuscript for final approval of my panel.

My mentor already approved of my revisions and I will just need her to sign the approval sheet with the rest of the panel. Hopefully they don't request any changes. I'm using recycled paper to print my thesis. Trying to be environment friendly. 

But what bothers me right now is that how come my head still feels so heavy?

What is it that I still need to do? 

For work: I will just need to create the workbook for my project. I can do that tomorrow, Wednesday.

For Spanish classes: a few minutes of that today. Don't want to over load my head. 

For marketing media sales side line: I have an interview tomorrow. I have no idea why I tried venturing into this line of work but worth to try. 

I can't think of anything else I need to do for now. I think the reason I feel like I still need to do loads of things is because I have a head ache. Or is it because of the many things to do that causes my headache?? 

For thesis: I only have to go to school. Submit my hard copy of thesis. Submit the approval sheet. Wait for another week until I get my approval sheet. Then burn my thesis in 5 CD's and then wait for around August to apply for the October graduation. I just have to WAIT.

I think that's what causing me anxiety. I always want to finish things, right now. Right now. Do it. But I also have to learn to wait. WAIT. WAIT. WAIT. Push it aside. There's nothing I can do. The term just started and the application to graduate is not yet until months from now. 

For my prof org: ahhhh of course. The conference. This is the thing that I should be preparing myself next.

1) My presentation of the Quantitative Phase of my Thesis (create abstract and submit) 

2) Researching on online and computerized assessments. 

Well that's about it I guess. 

Ugh my head. I'm dizzy. 

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