Saturday, August 20, 2016

Transcend: Lasallian Scholar's Society

 This was me during the scholar's event. I did the welcoming remarks for them. =) I love them!


The Lasallian Scholars Society is a student organization composed of students benefiting from student financial aid. This organization was established during my time as the financial aid officer of my university. I have resigned as an officer but these scholars have a way to capture my heart.

Theme for 2015 Transcend
This year's theme
I did the welcoming speech for this year's year-end celebration. As opposed to last year where they suprised me with a going away gift!

(Seriously guys) I also remember they surprised me with a birthday cake a day after my birthday.

I mean seriously? Thank you for adding brightness to my life.

This makes being in the education industry all super worth it!


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