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My iBooks Collection
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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Students #Clingy

I think I have only a few group photos with the students I used to handle this past academic year... I feel so attached! 

I've been wanting to have copies of the photos I have with them but I can't seem to locate it. I don't even know who's camera was used. I wish they send photos I'm in :(( 

Here is a group photo of us when I visited their recruitment booth. So many things have happened in my first half of the year and I think when I create a new "walk my world 2015" page, I actually don't know anymore what photos I'll be putting !!! 

This is such a lovely photo. I'm still trying to decipher if I stand out as a faculty or I remain to blend in as a student lol. If I was wearing jeans.. I'd probably blend in. Ha! 

But for now.. Hi guys, miss you all. I will still attend your events because I have no friends. LOL I mean, because organizations are so fun!!!!!! ❤️👍

So proud of you guys this year you have a bunch of activities and projects all lined up!!!!! And all the things we have talked about last year are not being put into reality. 

I'm so proud 😭. 

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