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Monday, September 7, 2015

Thesis Revisions Now

I have to start working on my thesis revisions so I can proceed with gathering data. I am looking forward to interviewing and getting to know in-depth the life and achievements of our students. 

I shall break down the comments of my panelists.. gotta start somewhere... 

  • In the introduction, give a clearer context of the status of scholars. Use published data from your institution. 
  1. Institution's different scholarships offered 
  2. Institution's statistics on scholarships
  3. Institution's context on scholarships

  • Clarify how Bean's model supports the proposed study. 
  • Discuss the details of the model and how the proposed variables were taken from Bean's model and other studies. 
  • Justify why you chose the specific variables as culturally relevant and relate to student persistence among scholars.

To do: Discuss the details of the model 

  1. Done Reading - Bean's Model of Student Attrition
  2. Write a discussion about it    

  • Provide further discussion on each of the specific variables in the revised model given the participants in the study.
  • Cite anecdotal/context factors that will provide support for why these variables were selected and included in the proposed model. 
  • Provide supporting literature related to the controversies/gaps in literature.  
To do: Discuss the following variables related to academic achievement or student retention:
  1. Parent's educational socialization 
    • Read - The Socialization of Achievement in Poor and Minority students
    • Read - The Role of Parent Involvement in Children's Academic Achievement
    • Read - Cross-national differences in academic achievement Beyond etic conceptions of children's understandings
  2. Social Integration
  3. Family Support 
  4. Certainty of choice of program (commitment) 

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