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My iBooks Collection
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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Quick Update

This week has been really busy. Every Saturday, I have a board exam review 8am-5pm. Sunday I was busy building the website of my new business. And my schedule on weekdays is AM - business, PM - board exam.

I have yet to read 7 chapters of Aamodt's Industrial/Organizational Psychology book and I target 1 chapter a day. Today is already Wednesday and I'm not even done with the 2nd chapter!!!

I've been going to Church before my day starts and after... been praying really hard... there are a lot of things I need to pray for and one of the obvious reasons is the board exam. The other reason is for my new business to hike up.. I'm not expecting quick return of investments as businesses take real patience. So there... I don't know if I still have time to miss my life how it was last week which was in the admissions office of my university!

Funny story however, I posted in my instagram account that I topped the psychometric board exam and people congratulated me as if it was true. Some believed, some questioned as I was still posting photos also of me taking the review! haha.. But that is the power of law of attraction. You gotta own it!! I showed it to my professor and he laughed at me. He told me to tell the people I'm just practicing psychology but nah... It's just advance posting. I know I'm gonna top this exam.

Which by the way, good bye. need to finish this 2nd chapter!

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