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Sunday, May 10, 2015

My last deployment at the Enrollment Services Hub

I'm three (3) days away from my official last day at the Office of Admissions and Scholarships (OAS). 

Geez how time flew indeed. If I trace through my blog posts I remember posting that I'm going to start working in my university and now I'm signing off!

Well anyway, my "official last day" doesn't really mean my last day of going to the office. It's my university! I'll be around campus. And definitely I'm pretty sure I'm still going to "hang around"...

Nobody has replaced me yet..

Anyway... Good thing my friend came to process his enrollment and I was actually deployed at the Enrollment Service Hub that afternoon. He was able to take photos of me as my souvenir :))

I loved my work at the Office of Admissions and Scholarships because I was able to understand and learn how to run a university. I would always tell my student assistants that when it comes to inquiries and if it concerns incoming students, it's our office. But if it concerns current students, it's the responsibility of the registrar's office.

However, what I like about my work as the coordinator for the financial aid is that I not only deal with  incoming students. I work with the students up until they graduate. So I basically learned the life cycle of a student in a university, from beginning up until graduation, in the administration side of the fence.

It was such a fulfilling learning experience. It reminds me of the movie "Admissions" because it really resonates in my line of work. Although different in process, I could relate.

I'm signing off in a few days, and I'm looking forward to my new learning endeavor. 

I will truly miss my scholars. I never taught inside a classroom by I consider them as my students. 

As what Bro. Dennis, our OIC President and Chancellor, stated in his Christmas Greeting, "You are in charge of 20% of the DLSU population". What a load to bear and I am truly honored to have experienced such responsibility. 

Thank you Office of Admissions and Scholarships. Thank you DLSU.

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