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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

There's a rainbow after the rain...

Today was a tough day for me. After waking up realizing I am going through burnout, I felt like a salmon swimming against the current today. Fighting against the odds. And I remembered my political org when I was an undergraduate student. 

Be like a salmon. Never fearing to face the odds.
Brave and strong. We stand by our principles and we never compromise them. 

Those are bits and pieces of our creed. 

On another note, there were a lot of opportunities that opened for me today. 

Opportunities that I know that would have to wait and I know will still be waiting for me. If not, I know better opportunities will come anyway.

I know I have thesis to worry about, but I'm also excited with other things. 

I'm planning to cross enroll in an industrial psychology subject. I need a course on this because my friend told me that there is already a psychometrician licensure exam here in the Philippines. And because my course is "educational psychology" I am actually qualified/eligible to take the board exam except I do not have an industrial psychology in my curriculum. The other batches of our program eventually had industrial psychology. 

Once I get this. I will both have,  teaching license AND psychometrician license.

My friend asked me "what is it you really want to do?"

I told her.. I want to get all the type of licenses I am eligible for. 

Jack of all trades. 

Nothing to lose anyway, right? Just study while we have time.

I have so many plans next year... 

Okay it's already 2am in the morning and I'm still so wide awake. 

What...a... Day.... 

Tomorrow, I'm going to ask about the possibility of enrolling in an industrial psychology class. If not undergrad level, okay fine... Maybe masteral level... I guess I can handle one subject more, right?

Desk job is already a routine. So I need to do something new. 

Thesis.... work .... Prof org.... Board exam .... 

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