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Friday, October 3, 2014

Notes from the Academic Writing Workshop

Anything that comes in your mind, write it... 

Start with the first thought in your mind.

Don't worry about the structure, structure will come along.

Edit.. Edit... Edit... Edit... And if you think you've done enough, edit some more. 

Assume that the audience don't know anything and tell them with logic.

Write simply.

Write directly. 

No need to use those big words.

Per paragraph is one idea. 

Write long paragraphs and write short sentences. 

A thesis is about developing an argument.

There are no "facts" but claims of facts.

Integrate ideas... - not a collection of "so and so said so and so" because it sounds like a collection of facts. 

My idea: "Motivation contributes to learning" (source of the idea)

Structure your time. Do not allow distraction.

Give some things up. Decide your priorities. 

When. Where. How. 

Choose a research area. And then write research questions. 

Read a general area and then decide a specific thing to do. 

Is it doable?

Is it useful?

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