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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Connectivist Theory & Rhizomatic Learning

Ever since I have decided to study MOOCs, I've... come across a lot of interesting discoveries in learning.

My master's degree program is Master of Arts in Learning & Teaching. Despite not having a job in teaching in an actual classroom yet (ever since I graduated undergrad), my master program is indeed very very helpful. I would like to study theories on learning, specifically learning in the digital age. 

Exactly right now, I'm supposed to be reviewing on Learner-Centered Teaching (comprehensive examinations coming up)... Which is why I haven't really posted anything substantial in my blog for the past month.

I haven't "attended" any MOOC classes recently either, so there wasn't really anything to post. Although I should be posting things about Learner-Centered Teaching huh?

I tried searching for a MOOC on Learner-Centered Education, but I have found none yet T_T.

Anyway, this post is just a reminder for myself to go work on these ideas in learning

Connectivism & Rhizomatic Learning. 

To start with, I should read George Siemens' blog to learn more about Connectivism: A Learning Theory for the Digital Age.

I can't believe... They've been working on this since 2004 & 2008 (respectively). 

I feel like I have decades to catch up with. What have I been doing since then??

Okay, I shouldn't be too harsh on myself. To justify... I was an undergrad and I was taking my masters.. each moment in my life, I was working my way in different sort of things. 

It's just... I reaaaaally wanna work on these things already.

I want to work on my thesisss. =) 

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