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My iBooks Collection
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Thursday, June 8, 2017

Freelance Jobs: More Money More Problems

I've been obsessed lately about finding more freelance jobs. I currently have one already and it involves managing the digital marketing and presence of a lawyer's services. 

But for some reason, I still want to do more. I still want to earn more. I still have a lot of free time.

Though you know how the saying goes, more money more problems?

The reason why I want extra money is because I feel guilty whenever I splurge. Although most of this "splurging" goes to food and transportation, two things you cannot completely avoid, I still feel guilty because I know I could have chosen a "cheaper" option. (Walking instead of taking Uber, Drinking water instead of buying shake).

But it's hard. So I just want to earn more money so I can allow myself to treat myself with such things. Though I also don't want to get used to a lifestyle change so I have to be careful of that too. 

Well, I spent a lot on travelling. That's one thing I know for sure that I do. The extra money I get from my freelance jobs is set aside for my travel budget. 

Maybe that's why I'm obsessed to get more freelance jobs.


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