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Thursday, June 8, 2017

Academic Writing

I'm looking for Freelance writing jobs and if it's not SEO related articles, it's Academic work. 

Academic work? *raises hand* That's me! That's me! I can do that very well!

I've been "shortlisted" and offered to proceed to the next stage. I need to fill up this long application form, provide my government ID and even a picture of my diploma to give proof for my highest academic attainment.

When I came across the part of having to provide my diploma, it got me thinking two things: 1) oh! Good thing I have my masters diploma with me. 2) Do I really want to do this?

The reason that's stopping me right now despite the "easy" money, is because I perfectly know what this "academic writing" is all about. 

This isn't about sharing your knowledge. 

This is about doing the work of some lazy student out there who can afford to pay somebody else to do the work for him/her.

This is "academic writing" in literal translation "school work". 

I am an educator. 

I'm sure that prohibiting myself to join will not help in "taking down" this kind of  "business model". It's been there for ages and the reason that it is surviving is because a lot of people purchase these kind of services. And the reason why these services exist is because a lot of people are willing to offer their services for the money.

I am an educator. And out of principle, do I really want to constribute to this system?

Do I want my students to pay somebody else for the work? 

People might look at this as capitalism. The rich can afford it and the poor need it. Maybe it works for occupations. 

But school work ?!?!

Isn't the whole point of doing your own school work is to "enhance" your own brain and improve your own knowledge. 

I saw the different "tasks" with corresponding deadlines. They pay really good. But what disturbed me more was the different type of academic writing levels. There's highschool, college, masters and PHD. I understand lazy students in highschool and college but MASTERS AND PHD??? 

Why would you even go back to school if you want to avoid academic work!!!!

One may never fully understand human decisions. 

But one thing for sure.

I think I will have to turn down the Academic Writing opportunity even if I know I'll nail it. Just out of principle, I don't want to do homeworks of other people. 

In a bigger picture, this is probably the dilemma of a lot of people. Taking jobs because they need it but they don't agree with the industry or the business' mode of making money.

I guess I have to be the bigger person. And not let money decide for me but decide on my own. I have a choice.

I will just probably have to improve my skills in writing SEO Articles. I'm not a marketing major but I have marketing experiences. This is the path I'll choose. 

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