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Monday, September 12, 2016

Wake me up when September ends... PEMEA CONFERENCE

The international conference of PEMEA is happening in two weeks and I've been preparing for this for over a year. I've helped established partnerships and sponsors for the conference. And also scout for expertise on my division. But as the conference went closer, my head has been feeling like an airhead. I feel like I just want to get this done and over with and I'm not 100% feeling well about doing anything productive about my professional life.

Wow. On another note I guess it's a good thing that I am doing this conference because I would have been a bum right now just sleeping and drinking and watching YouTube videos which I literally have been doing this past long weekend.

I'm supposed to present at this conference and I seriously haven't gathered the strength to focus. FOCUS TONI. FOCUS. Is it because I've been preparing for this for a year already? Or is it really just that time of the year that I just really want to do nothing productive.

Is this post-grad school exhaustion?

I feel like I've exhausted my 100% effort on revising my thesis and now I just want to take my time to just not think about anything academic.

Sad enough, all the things I do about my life right now has to do something with academic life. Even studying Spanish is academic. I've tried going back to yoga and I'm a lazy person too. 

Sigh. What's wrong with me? 

I am excited for September to end because on October will be my graduation day (even if I don't plan on celebrating it as I have also originally planned) but then my friends and I are also going to Singapore by the end of the month and then after that I'll be going back to the United States for my birthday. 

I'm so excited. I really need this vacation. 

In the mean time I just really really need to survive this conference: 

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