My iBooks Collection

My iBooks Collection
My iBooks Collection: Some of my favorite books!

Thursday, September 8, 2016

House Arrest

I had to go home this week and stay at home. But after staying at home yesterday, I got pretty bored!!!! I woke up at 5am and already did random things of productivity but this lonesome is killing me.

Sometimes working from home has sweet privileges but I also miss going to the office. I love going to the office. My avengers nano blocks are always waiting for me. And of course I love the people I work with. 

I also reviewed my Spanish conjugations. I still need to memorize this chart though !! I know it will take time to be fluent but I can actually read and write and converse in Spanish. So I guess not bad.

Beer is good. I don't have to go out to drink. Bars are tiring. But beers at home are good. 

Oh September... This is going to be an eventful month. (Similar as last year, September was a roller coaster)

Time to hit on my Spotify. 

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