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Thursday, October 29, 2015

UnOfficial Cv #DigiWriMo

After releasing my survey to the public for pilot test.. I stared at the google sheets waiting for responses to grow one by one. 2 responses, 5 responses... 10... 15... It's growing !! But then I realized I shouldn't spend my whole day just waiting and staring for people to answer my survey.

I asked myself, what now?

I guess I'm used to myself having "THESIS" in my things to do and it's been in pending status for like forever. And now I'm in the pilot testing stage I just have to wait. But what do I do while waiting? I'm not used to this idle time.

And then I remembered I promised some friends in Twitter network that I will get back to the network. Ergo, good timing #DigiWriMo has "pre-started" and here I go sticking to my word.

Toni Rose Pinero's Unofficial CV

  • I'm Toni 
  • Philippines.
  • Half mermaid 
  • Half graduate student.
  • Always curious 
  • Always asks questions.

I gave myself a label of a having a disability called "lack of sense of direction". (Not even poor but lack). I thank my iPhone so much and google maps because it has been serving as an assistive technology to my disability. I started calling it a disability because I realized I really feel disabled when I don't have people with me to guide directions. Even if it's just walking around the mall... I feel like I'm in a forest walking in circles.

I talk a lot. It is a reason why I have my personal blog in the first place. I spare people (I try...) from reading my lengthy messages and thoughts by just deciding to write a blog post and pour my thoughts here.

I like to travel. I guess a lot of people do. But it's because new places, meeting new people, learning new things always makes me happy. I guess I get my energy from talking to various people because I talk a lot and that compliments it well. 

Long Term Plans:
I'm currently taking my Masters in Learning and Teaching and it's what I've been doing since 2009... I don't really know what life is like not being a student

I'm on my thesis stage and hopefully I will graduate soon when more people get to answer the survey I mentioned at the beginning of the post. 

When I graduate masters, I have no idea what life is like. I think I'm going to feel sad not being able to use the status "student" anymore. I've been used to it since I was three years old.

But being a student is a lifelong status, isn't that right? I'm just not enrolled in a formal education system anymore.

I would like to learn how to swim and cook after graduation. 
<--------------------- I would like to practice my mermaid life. 
And cook to be more domesticated.

I will do those things after I leave the formal education.

I think that's all that I can say for now.


  1. I love all your mermaid goodness ...

  2. Toni! good on you for getting into #digiwrimo - I'm glad you remembered your promise to your twitter friends ; ) I really love your open attitude to work, study and life (that you have 'no idea what life is like' (or will be like?) after you finish your studies. I interpret that as you being open to all the possibilities and opportunities that may come - or that you create.
    I am also equally (I think) directionally challenged - not very good at navigating my way through physical spaces (I always seem to go left when I'm supposed to turn right - what's with that?!)...but there is an upside to that: and that is finding yourself in unplanned places and spaces, encountering the unexpected, and developing an ability to adapt to that - and even welcoming it.