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Friday, July 17, 2015


So the board exams are a few days away and I'm getting disoriented because I don't know where to start or continue with my reviews. 

I'm panicking and I just don't know what to do first.

Do I write my articles for my freelance (but I did that yesterday).

Do I procrastinate (been doing it the whole morning and I end up discovering things I'm better off not knowing).

Do I read the code of ethics for psychologists, read statistics, read on psychometric assessments. YES.

I guess I just really need to specify what I need to do because in reality I can't study everything anymore with such short span of time. So I'll just study what I can and where I feel I still need to work on.

1) Code of Ethics
2) Statistics
3) Psychological Assessment 

And to buy things I need for my board exam. 

I'm so afraid. I've never felt this fear in many times I have taken exams. 

On another note here are some photos of what has been happening this week.
DLSU freshmen scholars orientation. I will be present in that! 

Had to depend on Spotify to give me the confidence I need for board exam. Desperate times. Desperate measures.

Just trying to breeze through them and hoping that Atleast 10% of what I read would stay in my short term memory. I wish I had the talent and gift for having a photographic memory. 

Well, I'm off to publish this post now and to ignore my social networks because they are irrelevant matters. 

Lots and St. Jude please guide me.

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