My iBooks Collection

My iBooks Collection
My iBooks Collection: Some of my favorite books!

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Good finds from Singapore...

And none of these products are actually made from Singapore 😂

3 packs for S$9.90 
GreenTea Kitkat from Japan

Cookies and Cream Kitkat from UK
Orange Kitkat from UK
Dark mint Kitkat from UK

Jack Daniels Liquor Chocolate
2 for S$19

Abtey chocolate with liquor from France
2 for S$15

Sake Kitkat from Japan for $9.50 (this one's so hard to find!)

Cranberry Kitkat from Japan 2 for $10

Oh.. But I did get something from Universal Studios Singapore ..

I'm taking this Minion Home!!!

So happy I'm done with my masters.

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