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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Quantitative Phase

So I've already pilot tested my instrument and already distributed my survey to scholars.

I even e-mailed Dr. Mike Linacre to inquire on how I should analyze the results of my IRT analysis in my instrument.

I'll get back to RASCH analysis and WINSTEPS tutorial on a later time.

But for now, I need to study now on the statistical analysis I'll be doing for my quantitative data.

I realized I should be doing "Ordinal Regression Analysis" instead of multiple regression analysis because my survey is a Likert Scale.

I'll worry about having access to SPSS on a later time too. I have statistica but I've always gotten used to SPSS.

Well, here goes the quantitative phase of my thesis... And I still have a qualitative phase. People say that my thesis is not a dissertation but I think I just gotten used to a mix method study. One isn't complete without the other.

Lord just let me pass on time.

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