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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Bidding farewell to my students.

A week ago, I gave a letter to the President of the Scholars Society informing them of my plans of leaving my post as their coordinator. They're really one of the huge reasons why I have been enjoying my job. 

This week, one by one, they were visiting me at my office because of some pending tasks they need to accomplish and they couldn't help express their disappointment that I was leaving. Huhu :( I'm sorry. But like I told one of them, they will graduate soon anyway. Which also means, they will soon, too, leave. 

I love my job as their coordinator for the past year. This reminds me of my previous students in Tutoring Club (Alabang and PTE branches). Although thanks to Facebook, I am still connected with them somehow. Being in education, is such a fulfilling profession. I will make sure I make the most out of the remaining two months. I am sure I will still cross paths with them someday. I'm really grateful for them. It's been a very busy past year. 

I'm really grateful for what has happened the past year. I have grown fondness of my scholars. I will just see them around campus. 

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