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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Holiday Break 2014

Finally it's holiday break! 

Not going to school a.k.a. Office for two weeks. 

Two weeks of no disturbance.

Two weeks of peace.

It feels like time just stopped because I'm rarely getting emails (a few inquiries from students). 

Although this doesn't mean two weeks of not working because this "stay-cation" was already fully-booked for a lot of things to do. I just need to find the momentum. 

It's been somewhat eleven months since I started working in my Univ. How time flies and I've learned quite a lot but it has also been time consuming and physically draining. Being in the admissions office is really tough work. Non-stop work actually. I have no idea how I'm going to keep my sanity handling 20% of our student population and almost every individual wants to talk to me about their status as a student. Sometimes I wonder how it probably feels if I move into a "small pond". 

Oh I celebrated my birthday this month. Didn't even get to celebrate it as much. But my students surprised me with a cake! Then my officemates also prepared food for December celebrants. But seriously though, I barely felt my birthday. 

Time is of the essence. I am 27.

Two weeks. 

I have already attended two board meetings of the professional organization I joined. It feels so mentally stimulating to be surrounded with smart people doing things without any monetary exchange in return. As what my professor told me, it is service for the country. 

Two weeks. 

1) Thesis. 

2) Research paper.

3) Study plan.

Things I need to accomplish in two weeks. 

I have to avoid checking admissions related work for now and focus on other aspects of my life. 

Balance is the key. 

Happy Holidays to everybody! 

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