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My iBooks Collection
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Monday, September 29, 2014

Jack of all trades, master of none.

This is what best describes me. I should put this in my resume.

It's not actually derogatory for me because nowadays it's actually a 21st century skill. 

To be flexible and to know how to adapt and to be versatile.

I found out last week I need to join a professional organization as part of my work. 

I've always wanted to join conferences and seminars.

Luckily, I have connections now since one of my close professors just recently became the president of a professional org. And now, I'm more than excited to join seminars and conferences :)

But either way even if I'm not going to be with him I have decided that I'm now in a pursuit to expand my network.

I've been lacking in the socialization department lately and it's driving me crazyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! 

Having a complete desk job really doesn't suite me well I have to find the time to improve my professional growth aside from doing those routinely done desk job tasks. Although bonding with my scholars is very enjoyable. 

I can't wait to attend my first conference and get to see my professor again.

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